Area Authors

Area Authors

 River Lights takes pride in presenting a diversity of voices on our shelves and we place a priority on representing the work of authors living in the Tri-State area. Their works are always available at River Lights.

Featured Books from Local Authors

Give Your Best:  How Willem Charles transformed his Haitian villiage from poverty in voodoo to prosperity in Christianity

by Andrew DeWitt

The Driftless Land: Spirit of Place in the Upper Mississippi Valley

Essays by Kevin Koch
$19.00 – email us to order

Shadows of War

by Jacob Lawrence Krapfl

Behold My Shorts

by Robert Byrne

Ninty-three of Robert Byrne’s most hilarious short works. The comic sketches are divided into seven sections: The Early Years, The Writing Life, Wild Imaginings, Random Shots, People I’ve Met and Can’t Forget, Billiards, and God Stuff. In A Chat With the Author, Byrne gradually suspects that his interviewer is his alter ego and that he has been foolishly talking to himself.

Dubuque Nostalgia

by Rita Rhomberg Pfohl

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